Sandra Lee and Lisa Moore founded Project HELP Nevada in September of 2015.  Both Sandra and Lisa have provided wrap around services, such as Case Management, Life Skills, Parenting, Drug Testing, and Sober living housing to Northern Nevada’s Specialty Courts and Washoe County Social Services since 2003.    Sandra and Lisa quickly realized very distinct patterns and commonalities of individuals engaged in these criminal justice programs.  Project HELP Nevada was founded to provide resources to individuals with behavior issues caused from addiction before these individuals enter our criminal justice system.  Project HELP fills a gap in services to the northern Nevada community with a goal of preventing further damage to the individual, their minor children and our community.

Project HELP Nevada is a local 501(c)3 charitable organization serving the citizens of northern Nevada through services, support and a comprehensive referral network. As a resource center, it is our goal to connect our communities’ disenfranchised population with the services they need to move them from dependence and despair to a life of independence and hope.

Sandra Lee is the founder and president of Case Management Services of Nevada, Inc., providing Case Management, Life Skills  and Drug Testing programs to Washoe County Courts, Washoe County Social Services, and the State of Nevada.

Lisa Moore is the founder and executive director of Life Changes Sober Living Homes which is dedicated to helping women and men in Northern Nevada struggling with substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

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