Morgan Nauman will present a recap of her year in Argentina as our Sparks Rotary outbound exchange student. Morgan, daughter of Sparks Rotarian Staci Nauman, had an eventful year and will fill us in on the ups, downs and adventures in Buenos Aires.


Morgan is a native Nevadan who attended Spanish Springs High School. There she was high achiever devoting three years to leadership, four to cheerleading and four to coaching youth cheer. During her senior year, she served as student body vice president and also led the blood drive. She is not new to Rotary experiences and programs having attended RYLA and other Rotary programs.

She gained interest in the exchange program through discussions with other students who had participated in an exchange program as well as suggestions from her wise mother and others. While Rotary determines where an exchange student will be placed they do allow the applicant to indicate some countries he or she would be most happy to enjoy the exchange. Morgan indicated that her first choices of countries were Chile, Spain, Bolivia, Italy and Australia. As fate would have it -- Rotary chose "none of the above" and sent her off to Argentina. In many instances, things work out for the best and this assignment was no exception.

Morgan loves the outdoors and is most excited to be swimming in a mountain lake. Soon she will be attending UNR and plans to major in Psychology.