This week's program will feature an educational panel discussion of what we should be doing to enhance our financial well-being during the next year and beyond. 
With a surging stock market, the uncertain status of our tax structure, a new president who likes to "tweet", European countries electing to make dramatic moves away from the status quo, world crises in Syria and elsewhere, certain changes in health care and on an on -- there is a lot to think about!
Our distinguished panelists will include our very own Sparks Rotarians Tom Ogden and Ryan Gilbrech as well as Brian Loy from the Reno Central Rotary Club.  Sparks Rotarian and Past-President Dave Kary will moderate the panel.
Tom Ogden is a CPA with Cupit, Milligan, Ogden & Williams and will discuss tax and retirement issues.  Ryan Gilbrech is a Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley and will discuss investments and the stock market.  Brian Loy is a Certified Financial Planning and Chartered Financial Analyst will discuss general financial planning. Brian is the president of Safe Financial Advisors and past-president of the Reno Central Rotary Club.  Dave Kary is a CPA with Pangborn & Co.