Officer Glenn Marsh of the Sparks Police K-9 unit will provide an overview of their department, including a demonstration of how the dogs react in various situations.


Glenn Marsh has been with the Sparks Police Department since 1999.  He is currently assigned to the K9 Unit in the Patrol Division.  He has been in the K9 Unit since 2005 and is currently working with his second dog, K9 Hitch.  Officer Marsh has been partnered with Hitch since 2011. Hitch is a 9 year old Belgium Malinois.  He is dual-purpose trained which mean he works both patrol and drugs.  Patrol means that Hitch is trained in locating suspects and evidence, handler protection and bite apprehension.  They not only serve the City of Sparks, but respond to neighboring communities to assist when K9 support is needed.  Officer Marsh is also assigned to the SWAT team.  He has been on the SWAT team for 16 years and has served in the following positions: sniper, breacher, team leader, explosive breacher.