Mark McKinnon, President, Marked Studios

Tattooing is an art form like no other, and Mark is one of the most gifted artists in the field.  From the time he could recall real thought, any and all forms of art inspired him.  He loved art, painting and sculpting.

Fast forward many years, and it was tattooing that intrigued him and got his attention.  He saw artists producing pieces that looked like paintings on the skin…so after pursuing his studies, he mastered this passion.

Today he loves designing pieces for people who want to tell a story with their tattoos, or want to set a permanent love on their skin because of the passions they have in their lives.  Everyone has a unique story behind it, sometimes simple, and sometimes very heartfelt and complex.  He loves each and every one of the meanings behind his client’s pieces.

Tattoos and tattooing in general has taken a huge turn in society.  It has become a legitimate contributor to the economy and the business world.  High level professionals are wearing beautiful pieces of work underneath an exterior of their professional lives.  The concept is poetic on its own.  People are expressing themselves with tattoos because they feel comfortable with the acceptance in their lives.

Mark will share with us expressions tattoo artists today are taking with their work - realism, water color, pop art…a precision art that has been honed through years and years of dedicated passion.