Cultural Differences in Business
Oct 26, 2022
Volker Huber
Cultural Differences in Business

We are pleased to have Past President Volker Huber Present:  Cultural Differences in Business
Volker Huber has been leading international companies for more than two decades.  He came to the U.S. in 2005 to build the American subsidiary of a German electronics distributor where he was also responsible for the Hong Kong office.  After 13 years the company was sold and Volker became President and CEO of Nitrado USA, a German game server hosting company, and was tasked to build the business in North America which included building a tech support center in Mexico City.  During this time, he lead a team of 67 employees in 9 different countries.  After Nitrado was sold in 2021, Volker was hired to build the U.S. market for a Swiss whisky company called Seven Seals.

Volker also taught International Management at UNR for five semesters and will speak to us about his experiences in international business, how to effectively lead people with different cultural backgrounds and what research and science can actually explain different behaviors for example in the decision-making process or how best to incentivize your team.

This talk is meant to be interactive, so have your questions ready.