Our speaker for this week's meeting is David Crumbley, immediate Past President of  Reno Central Rotary. David will be making a presentation on the Bridges Out of Poverty Program, a Rotary sponsored Getting Ahead Alliance. Within the Bridges initiative is a class called "Getting Ahead" designed to help those living in poverty create a plan for becoming self-sufficient. David will introduce us to a couple of Getting Ahead graduates ,who will share their pathways out of poverty through the program, and an overall view of how the program is making a difference in our community.
David is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is driven to create positive change in the world around him.  An early riser, David's passion for his family, his company and its employees and his love of exploring Northern Nevada are what gets him out of bed at 5am every morning.  On weekends, he can often be found with his best friend and wife, Susan cycling somewhere on the Tahoe-Pyramid Bike Trails.
Always happy to roll up his sleeves, David has helped build churches in Mexico, coordinated relief efforts after hurricane Katrina, been a house-parent at a Christian Children’s Home for abused/troubled kids and through a Rotary project has helped to provide clean water to villagers in Gondar, Ethiopia. 
David challenges himself and those around him to pursue excellence and balance in both life and work. David is a proud past-president of the Reno Central Rotary Club, a wicked competitor at Backgammon and corn-hole and a total marshmallow when it comes to babies, puppies and kids.
David became involved with the Bridges Out of Poverty program after interviewing many of the Reno-Sparks non-profit leaders to “find an area of greatest need”, for a local Area 8 joint Rotary project for the 2016-17 Rotary year.  Since then he has worked with his fellow Rotarians, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and the Reno Housing Authority to grow the Bridges program, and to help make a positive impact on families living in poverty in the Reno/Sparks area.