Achievement Beyond Obstacles, the Most Improved Student Scholarship Program, aims to provide support for and award scholarships to deserving high school seniors who have triumphed over hardships, demonstrated personal leadership and courage, and yet to show academic improvement.  Counselors from each high school in Washoe County are contacted to select their Most Improved Student(s) from their school.
Each year, Rotarians and their partners will provide individuals selected as a Most Improved Student, with:
– Leadership training and development with a nationally recognized program
– Assistance in understanding what to expect in college, and in completing financial aid applications
– Mentoring in career and life skills
– Recognition for their achievements with a cash prize and an award event
– $1,000 or more 1st year scholarships for at least 5 students to attend vocational school, college or an apprenticeship program
– Continuing scholarships for qualifying students in the second through fourth years of their educational and vocational pursuits
The Rotary Club of Sparks has proudly joined with the Rotary Club of South Reno and Rotary Club of Reno to host a luncheon to honor several students that have received the scholarship award.