Jim Kroshus was raised down the street from Don Welsh in the center of the known universe in Hawthorne, Nevada.  After high school, Jim spent two years in Scotland serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Returning in 1976, Jim attended Brigham Young University where he dated then married Gia Lee Ross of Sparks, NV.  Jim and Gia Lee have 5 daughters and each daughter has a brother......his name is Derek.  Jim and Gia Lee are the grandparents of 21 grandchildren.  Jim has spent his career selling life insurance and doing estate planning.  Jim's favorite subject is American history.  Jim is the 4th great grandson of Abraham Clark, whose name appears as number 23 on the Declaration of Independence.
Jim's hobby is public speaking and he has the ambition of making it to the national stage in Toastmasters International.
While raising 5 daughters here in Sparks, 4 of those daughters were near victims of abduction.