Joe Crowley served as president of the University of Nevada, Reno from 1978 to 2001 and member of its faculty since 1966. He is a native of Iowa and holds degrees from the University of Iowa (B.A.), California State University, Fresno (M.A.) and the University of Washington (Ph.D.). He spent four years in the U.S. Air Force (enlisted ranks).
After his presidential service, Crowley was appointed Regents Professor, teaching American political and constitutional history. Subsequently, he was interim president at San Jose State University (2003-04) and again in that position at the University of Nevada during 2005-06.
Crowley was a member of both the NCAA Council and Presidents Commission and of numerous Association committees. He served a term as president of the NCAA from 1993-95. His publications include the official NCAA centennial history (In the Arena: the NCAA’s First Century, 2006).  
Currently retired, Crowley has been married to Joy for 50 years. They have four children and seven grandchildren, all living in Reno. Six of the grandchildren will be attending the University of Nevada in the fall.
Crowley is a board member and spokesman for Sierra Wellness Connection, a clean, modern, superior quality, medical cannabis dispensary with a focus on wellness.