Chip Lambert, Research Biochemist
Mar 22, 2023
Brewing Beer Jurassic Park Style
Chip Lambert, Research Biochemist

Brewing Beer from 40 million year old yeast obtained from Baltic Amber.
Chip Lambert is a research Biochemist with a distinguished career concentrating mostly on microbiology and scientific research to develop cures for many human ailments.  He spent most of his time working in the Bay area for biotech firms as a researcher and manager doing medical research.  He has published over 30 papers on medical research ranging from curbing the effects of snake venom to cancer cures to fighting bacterial infection.  Chip also has 11 patents, and a microscopic organism has been named after him.
Perhaps his most unusual project came when he was called upon to prove or disporve an amazing feat where Dr. Raul Cano from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo claimed to have resurrected 45 million year old bacteria and yeast from amber (fossilized tree sap).  Lambert, a skeptic, was surprised that the cells could be revived after such a long rest.  With the help of a skiing friend who owned a brewpub in the Bay area, they utilized this yeast to brew a beer, and founded Fossil Fuels Brewing Company.
Resurrecting these cells from a liquid nitrogen yeast bank, Rich Scott from Great Basin Brewing Company has brewed a barley and wheat beer using this most unique yeast for us to enjoy at this meeting.