Jamie Klund - Development and Grants Officer
Feb 09, 2022
Community Foundation of Northern Nevada
Jamie Klund - Development and Grants Officer

Before coming to the Community Foundation in October 2018, Jamie worked for 9 years as marketing manager for the Reno Cabela's store.  He has received awards and accolades for his work, and has been a part of many noteworthy events and activities both in college athletics and in the corporate world.

At the Community Foundation, Jamie has been tasked with maintaining and building the Corporate Philanthropy Partners program, coordinating the family Estate Planning Series offered twice a year, and helping raise funds for the Village on Sage Street's 216-room campus for low and very low-income individuals.

Jamie will speak to us on how the Foundation supports education, requests for grants supporting non-profits, and administration of fund types to meet the goals and needs of our community givers.