Sandra James, Founder and CEO
Nov 16, 2022
Sandra James, Founder and CEO

Sandra James, Founder and CEO of Private Eyes, was selected in December 2021 by producers of the television show "World's Greatest!" aired on Bloomberg TV, to be a part of their popular television series.

At Private Eyes, we make a safe workplace possible by providing high quality background checks to our clients across the nation fast!  We are a trusted background screening partner for clients in all 50 states with access to information in over 200 countries, and over 22 years of innovation and customer satisfaction.  In today's environment, background checks on prospective employees have become an imperative norm rather than an exception.  Private Eyes is one of the most trusted background check services in our industry.

Sandra will discuss why it is important to know who you are hiring and some best practices that can support you during the process.

(Beyond background screening, Private Eyes also offers income verifications, designed to streamline your loan approval rates.  In 2010 Sandra expanded and added the subsidiary to meet the need for banks and financial institutions to verify income for borrowers through the IRS.)